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Red Scare Revival: Right Wing on Attack
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by Meg White

When a right-wing blogger calls your writings “extreme liberal bile and dung,” you know you must be doing something right.

My recent article about the paranoia of Grassfire.org’s campaign to assemble an army of resisters against the Obama Administration garnered an extreme response from the Web site DequalsS.com.  In case you’re wondering, the domain name stands for Democrat = Socialist. As for other information about the writer, all I could find was an IP address. The site’s mission statement section is no help either, saying “I’ll put some stuff here later… do you really care what my mission is anyway?”  And the author didn’t sign the entry, so I can’t say this to him/her directly, but I’ll use what the writer refers to as “the liberal sewer called BuzzFlash” to send this message:

Calm down. Seriously, relax. Your ramblings are starting to look dangerously like those of Joseph McCarthy.

Despite his/her professed distaste for Sen. John McCain as a candidate for president, the McCain campaign’s “Obama as socialist” message really seems to have made an impression on the writer. In this particular entry, Obama is “the Marxist,” and “the left is wholly ideologically aligned with communism.”

If anything, the blog entry made me realize I’m not up on the latest in radical right lingo. What does the writer mean when they refer to Michelle Obama as the president-elect’s “deranged, ‘race aware’ wife?” Whaa? Maybe I should be checking Michelle Malkin’s blog more often (after all, it is the very first on DequalsS’ list of noteworthy links).

And we’re the delusional ones, because we “believe that all of the facts pointed out about Obama and his criminal, communist intent for America’s future are false.”

The main point of my piece, that the radical right is unwilling to compromise in any way, was underscored by this writer’s intolerance.

“Anything and everything the left does, I will resist,” the blogger promises. The entry ends by encouraging the reader to check out Grassfire.org: “Join up to stay abreast of what our side is doing to squash liberalism, Obamunism and the disease they bring to our Republic.”

With posts such as “How To Go F**k Yourself” and “Hillary Clinton… Sec of State… Nation Pukes…,” I shouldn’t be surprised that my juxtaposition of the melodrama of old horror movies and the current political landscape was lost on this blogger.  How about a little Sixth Sense humor? I see red people…

No? Oh well. That whole thing probably wasn’t as clever as I imagined it to be, anyway. Besides, it’s easier to rave semi-coherently than it is to laugh.

The writer does not need to join a resistance army, though they are free to do so, if it will make them feel better. The recommendation from Dr. Meg? Deep breaths.


Originally published at BuzzFlash.com.

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