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Campbell Soup Adopts Gay Agenda; AFA Adopts False Sense of Moral Superiority
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by Meg White

The American Family Association (AFA) has a new job title as of today: Soup Nazi.

In this and next month’s The Advocate (described by the AFA as “the nation’s largest homosexual magazine,” as if it is only attracted to similarly shiny-papered media and eschews romantic relationships with newsprint), Campbell Soup took out several full-page ads, one featuring a married lesbian couple and their young toddler.

The AFA blusters that Campbell is “helping homosexual activists push their agenda” and trying to convince others “that homosexual parents constitute a family and are worthy of support.

I guess Campbell Soup is working to condense the homosexual agenda so it will fit in their fabulously flamboyant cans? Regardless of the intent, these ads were enough to signal to the AFA that Campbell has given “their approval to the entire homosexual agenda.” Catholics seem to have picked up on this outrage as well, reprinting the AFA press release word for word.

Have these people ever heard of Andy Warhol?

However, when it comes to approving of contentious things such as civil rights, Campbell is in hot water. The conservative blog World Net Daily admonished Campbell, along with 258 other companies for scoring a 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2009 Corporate Equality Index, indicating that they do basically everything in their power to protect equality for their employees and customers. Wow, that must have been really embarrassing for Campbell’s.

So when the world’s largest maker and marketer of soup decides to shill for the gay community, what does that mean for the world?

M’m! M’m! Gay!

Will the iconic red label go all pink on us? Perhaps Italian-Style Wedding Soup will be renamed Italian-Style Civil Onion? Will the infiltration of fruity juice into vegetable-based V8 continue with renewed vigor? You can bet the cream of broccoli soup will continue to be made with homogenized dairy products!

Give me a break. I’ve written about the AFA’s crazy crusades in the past, and I’m beginning to believe that all these moral boycotts are likelier a marketing tool than a statement of outrage. After all, each e-mail alert ends with appeals for a tax-deductible donation.

However, it seems that AFA founder Donald Wildmon reads The Advocate more closely than anyone in the gay community. With all the time he spends going after businesses for advertising and providing for equality in the workplace, he could probably find an easier way to make some money. Or at least a less reprehensible one.


Originally published at BuzzFlash.com.

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