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Sen. Roland Burris Launches Reelection Site
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by Meg White

In case you were wondering, Sen. Roland Burris has been working hard for the people of Illinois. Or so he would have us believe.

Burris spent the weekend crowing about his accomplishments in Chicago. On Saturday, he told one congregation about how he voted for the president’s stimulus bill and lauded his own legislation to recognize the literal slave labor used to build the Capitol.

To be fair, Burris hasn’t ever really been known for his modesty. Just ask his kids, Dr. Rolanda Burris, EdD and Roland Burris II, Esq.¬†Or, if you’re in Chicago, take a stroll in Oak Woods Cemetery and check out Burris’ mausoleum, which lists his trailblazing firsts, including Illinois’ first black comptroller and attorney general. But did you know he was the the first black exchange student to Germany’s Hamburg University from Southern Illinois University? It’s the truth, according to his tombstone.

What’s not on his tombstone and what he didn’t talk about in that South Side church this weekend was his new Web site, SupportBurris.com. The purpose of the site is to get Burris reelected in 2010.

According to the domain name research site WhoIs.com, SupportBurris.com was created on Jan. 8 and the record of the site was last updated Jan. 15 — the very day Burris was sworn in. So even before he could be sure he’d be seated as Illinois’ junior senator for the first time, Burris was already dreaming about his second swearing-in ceremony.

As Wonkette points out, the site could be a hoax. That seems doubtful though, considering the registered contact is Jason Erkes, who was up until recently Burris’ communications “wingman.”

The site has got all the important stuff taken care of — you can contribute to the campaign, sign up to volunteer, join an e-mail list and “tell a friend.” However, for a man as eager as Burris is to tell the world about all the great stuff he’s done, we were somewhat surprised to see the “Accomplishments” page totally blank.


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