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Happy Equal Pay Day! Government Study Finds Discrimination Persists

by Meg White

Now that this country has a whole day devoted to equal pay, Working women, library of Congressperhaps we can begin to put the indignity of monetary discrimination behind us.

Or not. A report published today by the U.S. Government Accountability Office details two studies looking at the gender gap in pay for federal employees undertaken with differing methodology, but that both resulted in a similar conclusion.

Though gaps in pay between men and women employed by the government decreased in one study and merely fluctuated in another, most of the change seems to have been due to employees adjusting their habits, not employers. It seems that women are taking more demanding jobs with less time off, bringing their profiles more in line with their male counterparts in the workplace.

Still persisting, however, is a gap caused by phenomena that are “difficult to measure, such as work experience outside the federal government and discrimination.” The GAO seemed confused about how so much can change while the status quo of discrimination remains effectively the same:

Ultimately, the gender pay gap for the entire federal workforce has declined primarily because the men and women in the federal workforce are more alike in characteristics related to pay than in past years. We cannot be sure why a persistent unexplained pay gap remains for both our analyses, but this may be due to the inability to account for certain factors that cannot effectively be measured or for which data are not available.

Well, ladies, pat yourselves on the back. You’re doing your best to combat wage disparity. Now forward this story on to your bosses.


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Originally published at BuzzFlash.com.

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