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Michele Bachmann Says Volunteer Bill Creates Re-Education Camps, Yet Supports Christian Indoctrination in Schools
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by Meg White

Just when we thought she was running out of crazy juice, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has done it again.  Pretty much everyone on the liberal blogosphere has mentioned Bachmann’s new obsession: liberal re-education camps. This myth stems from the widely-repeated lie that President Obama is trying to start a fascist army by requiring American children to enroll in Americorps and forbidding them from going to church.

(You can listen to — or read the transcripts of — the radio interview where Bachmann warns of the camps here.)

Yup. Sounds just crazy enough to be repeated by Bachmann.

But what seems to have gone unreported here is that Bachmann herself condones indoctrination, especially as part of an educational regime. She’s just against that politically-correct “Democrat” kind.

Here are a few examples of Bachmann’s fascist streak:

Whew. Just make sure you don’t accidentally send your kids off to Camp Bachmann this summer.


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Originally published at BuzzFlash.com.

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