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Viva Angry American Consumption!
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by Meg White

Hey, guys. Planning on a little shopping over the weekend? Well, be forewarned, the stores might be a little crowded, what with the coming holiday. No, I’m not talking about Easter or Passover. Some Americans might be stocking up for Tax Day Tea Parties.

Turns out you can combine your love for guns and your hatred of tax increases this Saturday! In Michigan, you can attend the Militia Field Day Tax Blast/Tea Party in Bancroft, MI. Click here for the flier (but consider yourself warned: There are some pretty disturbing pictures of really little kids learning how to shoot guns, with frightening commentary to match).

If you’ve got plenty of guns, but are looking for something to read during your ride into town on Wednesday, pick up the “Living in an Obama Nation” booklet from Grassfire.org. They’re having a special on the booklets as well as “I Resist” bumper stickers just for Tax Day Tea Parties!  Woo hoo!

Plus, there are all kinds of Tax Day Tea Party T-shirts — or TEA shirts, as Chicago organizer Eric Odom calls them — available for pre-order. The movement even has its own store at Zazzle, and Odom reports more than $22,000 has been spent at the store alone. He says they’ll spend the profits on free TEA shirts for their organizers and then split the remainder among conservative bloggers who promoted the Tea Party phenomenon. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Hmm, I wonder if the Tea Baggers spent their tax rebates on these tchotchkes…


Originally published at BuzzFlash.com.

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