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In case you were curious (which you no doubt are, having clicked on this esoteric little link), here are my general thoughts on a few key elements of life.

After a childhood and adolescence spent in the darkroom and onstage, I went to pursue my undergraduate degree in anthropology, under the assumption that society will always need people around to figure out what it means to be human. When I went to get my masters degree in journalism, I did so under the assumption that society will always need trained, professional writers. While society does its best to convince me otherwise on both counts, I assert the contrary (with the secret satisfaction that I enjoy every minute of both cultural study and writing). You can call me over-educated if you like. But then I wonder if having been employed with some regularity since I was 14 makes me over-worked?

Stuff I’m good at
I’m an experienced writer with a passion for the written word — be it stunning manifesto or concise press release. I understand the importance of framing political issues for a wide audience — because what good is ever accomplished by preaching to the choir? I’ve done independent research and written both informatively and passionately about topics ranging from the environment to human rights to poverty eradication to electoral politics and everything in between. As a trained journalist working for an online-only publication that couldn’t afford to pay someone else to advertise for them, I’ve honed the skills necessary to get copy and companies the attention they deserve on the Internet, everywhere from blogs to social networking to user-driven aggregation sites. I have many different voices from formal and informative to hip and hilarious, but they all speak with the same conviction.

Stuff I may not be the best at but I enjoy in spite of it all
I’m an amateur urban gardener and vermicomposter (which means I compost with the help of my “pet” worms). I’m always most satisfied when I can make it myself, and even more pleased if I can make it out of reclaimed material (or, as some might say, trash). I enjoy entertaining, sewing, cooking, reading and running. Some of my favorite things to do in Chicago are seeing live music,  watching friends and strangers onstage and hitting up the farmers market.

Though I love to travel, I make my home in the Midwest for a reason: This is my home. Wherever I go, I find a kindred spirit in the dichotomous Midwesterner. I love that we can be both polite and honest, innovative and sagacious, whimsical and pragmatic. Sometimes when I get fired up about something I’m advocating for, or when the iconoclast in me takes over, I can come into odds with the traditional nature of our collective culture here, but thankfully, I was infused with a sense of Minnesota Nice that just won’t quit.