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Thought all you M*A*S*H fans might be interested in reading my interview with Trapper John, AKA Wayne Rogers. He was fascinating to talk to. Take him to lunch sometime. Favorite quote? I once asked a woman, “Do you like sharing the bathroom with your husband?” And she said to me, “Would you like to share [...]

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The newberrys are in season for one weekend only.   Yes, this weekend saw the 26th annual Newberry Library book fair, home of the famous Bughouse Square debates. Back before we were all afraid of crazy people ranting in a public park, Washington Square was home to soapbox debaters of every stripe. The red scare killed [...]

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BUZZFLASH REVIEW by Meg White In the strangely nasal, conversational voice many fans have grown to love on National Public Radio’s This American Life, Sarah Vowell dissects all that is and was America. In her fifth book, you can almost hear that voice, as Vowell shows no signs of toning down her irreverent take on [...]